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Top Scottsdale Pain Management Specialist Dr. Vengurlekar Provides Effective Treatments for Pain

Sufferers of chronic pain around the world should most certainly learn about the techniques and treatments done by Top Scottsdale Pain Management Specialist Dr. Sham Vengurlekar. Taking advantage of the latest technology, coupled with the knowledge of the debilitating effects of chronic pain and spinal issues, Dr. Vengurlekar utilizes mildly invasive procedures to get to the source of conditions suffered by patients.

A particular technique involves the implantation of a spinal cord stimulator designed to reduce chronic pain for patients suffering from associated issues. This is certainly a more preferable method of treatment, as opposed to relying solely on prescription pain killers that temporarily mask symptoms and run the risk of addiction. The care and dedication from wanting to help patients effectively handle chronic pain has made Top Scottsdale Pain Management Specialist Dr. Vengurlekar a leading specialist in treating such conditions and improving the lives of his patients in the process by providing greater comfort.

Another area of expertise for Dr. Vengurlekar is vertebroplasty, which is done to treat compression fractures in the vertebrae as a result of osteoporosis or physical trauma. This has been shown to provide an effective treatment for those who suffer chronic back pain. Dr. Vengurlekar also specializes in coblation nucleopasty, a breakthrough procedure to treat pain from herniated discs. It involves the use of plasma energy to supply patients with pain relief associated with herniated discs. This, like other back issues, is most certainly a condition that can benefit from practical pain management.

Dr. Vengurlekar believes in mildly invasive procedures over more complicated surgeries that require patients to be fully sedated, increasing the risks of complications. As a dedicated practitioner of techniques designed to effectively treat chronic pain, the Scottsdale pain management practice of Dr. Vengurlekar is respected and recognized in its efforts to help patients regain control of their lives by managing pain.