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Top Pain Management Specialist Dr. Vengurlekar Gives New Hope to Patients Suffering with LSS through a Percutaneous Decompression Procedure

Dr. Vengurlekar is a top pain management doctor in Scottsdale, Arizona that has recently excited patients that are suffering with chronic pain associated with lumbar spinal stenosis with the introduction of a new procedure known as percutaneous decompression procedure.

Dr. Sham Vengurlekar, known as Dr. Vengurlekar to colleagues and patients, is a prominent doctor in the field of pain management, and he is raising the bar again with his mastery of the percutaneous decompression procedure. This is a new procedure that this top pain management specialist has added to his list of services, and patients suffering from lumbar spinal stenosis are feeling the immediate relief. This is a low risk outpatient procedure that is changing the lives of the patients of Dr. Vengurlekar one of the top pain management specialists in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Years ago, people suffering from chronic back pain would have to undergo extensive surgeries that had a long list of possible complications, and wasn’t overly effective. Thanks to doctors like Dr. Vengurlekar, minimally invasive procedures like percutaneous decompression have really come along, and are becoming a top treatment option. Through percutaneous decompression patients receive almost immediate pain relief, spend less money, and have a quicker recovery time. This is why so many patients are seeking out the treatments of this top pain management specialist Dr. Vengurlekar before other outdated treatments.

Percutaneous decompression costs less than half the price of a traditional surgery and leaves only a single pea-sized scar as a reminder. This procedure also has an extremely low rate of other emergency complications, which is the complete opposite of traditional surgeries that are performed under general anesthesia. Through this innovative surgery by Dr. Vengurlekar, one of the best pain management specialists in Scottsdale, patients are finished within an hour, and on their way home. Percutaneous decompression, as performed by Dr. Vengurlekar is cleared by the FDA and has just as high a success rate as traditional surgery.

Dr. Vengurlekar, one of the top pain management specialists in Scottsdale, Arizona, is proud to offer percutaneous decompression at the Premier Pain Institute. This is a procedure that is going to greatly affect the lives of all stages of LSS sufferers. This is why so many patients have begun to seek out the help of this top pain management specialist to see what other treatment options Dr. Vengurlekar has to offer.