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Top Pain Management Doctor in Scottsdale, Arizona, Dr. Vengurlekar, Presents a Viable Treatment Option for Chronic Spinal Pain with Coblation Nucleoplasty

Dr. Sham Vengurlekar is a well-respected pain management doctor that is well known for pushing the envelope with the newest techniques, and this year is no exception with the addition of coblation nucleoplasty to his offered services.

Dr. Vengurlekar, known as Dr. V, has introduced a new procedure for people suffering from pain related to herniated disks known as Coblation nucleoplasty. This is an advanced procedure that this top pain management doctor in Scottsdale, can perform as an outpatient treatment in his own clinic. Coblation nucleoplasty is extremely effective and is going to change the way that people treat herniated discs.

In the past, herniated discs haven’t really had any great treatment options. In fact, most doctors prescribe lifestyle limitations, and medication to numb the back pain. Now, thanks to Dr. Vengurlekar, patients are actually seeing treatment and relief from the pain that they have felt as a cause of their herniated discs. This top pain management doctor in Scottsdale is really shaping the community with his advances in the treatment of chronic back pain.

The pain from a herniated disc occurs because the cushion-like disc between vertebrae has become deformed which causes the bone to rub up against bone and nerves. This typically results in sharp pain that the patient can feel throughout every task that they complete in a day. That is why Dr. Vengurlekar has decided to add coblation nucleoplasty to his list of services.

This top pain management doctor in Scottsdale, Dr. Vengurlekar, is an expert at performing coblation nucleoplasty and has a high success rate in relieving patients of all pain that is associated with herniated discs. During coblation nucleoplasty radiofrequency energy is used to break up the pieces of bad tissue in the spine. This is minimally invasive, and is less harmful than going into serious surgeries, or even using surgical knives. There are only a few slight risks, and there is no healthy tissue that is in danger. This is a procedure that only takes a few hours to complete, and generally patients are up on their feet the next day. This procedure is so successful that many patients feel relief as soon as the coblation nucleoplasty is completed.

Top pain management doctor in Scottsdale, Arizona, Dr. Vengurlekar, is known for his effective minimally invasive procedures, and also for the contributions that he has made to the medical community. Dr. Vengurlekar attended medical school at the age of 16, and then graduated at the very top of his class at St. John’s Medical College. He is highly accomplished and all of his recommended procedures are cost effective with few health complications. This is why so many people choose to see this top pain management doctor, to see what solutions Dr. Vengurlekar has for them.