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Top Interventional Pain Specialist in Scottsdale, Dr. Vengurlekar is devoted to Treatments of Broad Spectrum Pain Disorders

Top Interventional Pain Specialist in Scottsdale, Dr. Vengurlekar has had extensive experience in performing minimally invasive procedures in Scottsdale and other suburbs of Phoenix for the last several years. His practice has been exclusively devoted to the treatment of a broad spectrum of pain disorders. He is the Top Premier Pain Specialist in the South West.

Top Interventional Pain Specialist in Scottsdale, Dr. Vengurlekar has had extensive and intensive training in multiple specialties, is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in a variety of medical specialties, widely acclaimed as a skilled diagnostician, is a compassionate and dedicated physician, and committed to the care of his patients, to whom he feels privileged to serve. He has earned tremendous respect from his fellow colleagues, medical professionals, nursing staff and the community. He is well known for his dexterity and skills in performing cutting-edge minimally invasive interventions for successfully treating pain patients.

Top Interventional Pain Specialist in Scottsdale, Dr. Vengurlekar is a Board Certified Interventional Pain Specialist and he specializes in the interventional treatment of pain disorders. He is passionate about providing relief from pain and suffering to his patients.  Dr. Vengurlekar believes in providing the highest level of care to all of his patients without distinction or discrimination. Premier Pain Institute stands for Diagnostic Ability, Knowledge, Integrity and Taking Care of Patients.

Top Interventional Pain Specialist in Scottsdale, Dr. Vengurlekar takes pride in his diagnostic skills. An accurate diagnosis is extremely important and can only be arrived at by a meticulous and diligent patient history of symptoms of pain and by a thorough relevant physical clinical examination. In 99% of patients, Dr. Vengurlekar makes an accurate diagnosis just from patient information and physical examination alone.  Review of reports of MRI, x-ray and other studies may be of assistance. It is imperative that patients pay attention to all the details of filling out forms presented to them at the time of the interview. A typical initial consultation may require the patient to spend between 1 to 1.5 hours in the office. The data acquired is so important to the treatment plan.

Top Interventional Pain Specialist in Scottsdale, Dr. Vengurlekar, may occasionally advise additional appropriate testing or consultation from neurologists, orthopedic surgeons, or other specialists to confirm or rule out other conditions which may figure in the differential diagnosis. He shows true commitment to his patients care. Some of the pain conditions being looked at and treated are: Lower Back Pain, Neck Pain, Joint Pain, Leg Pain, Arm Pain, Foot Pain and Post-surgical Pain.  Other related pain conditions being treated at PPI are: Compression Fractures, Neuropathy, Headaches, Back, Neck and Spinal Pain, Herniated discs, Sciatica, Carpal Tunnel, Tarsal Tunnel, Extremity Pain such as (hands, feet, wrists) RSD/CRPS, Chest wall pain, Post-surgical pain and Shingles. So with such a variety, Dr. Vengurlekar shares his expertise and commitment to help his patients with a treatment plan of care when treating the broad spectrum of pain disorders mentioned.