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Spinal Cord Stimulator Implants by Dr. Vengurlekar, More Pain Relief Procedures for Neuropathy Sufferers in The Cold Seasons

Dr. Vengurlekar top pain management doctor in Scottsdale, Arizona is quickly gaining acclaim in the medical community because of his knowledge and skill regarding the new spinal cord stimulators procedure that is a popular procedure this winter.

Spinal cord stimulators are designed to eliminate the persisting pain associated with conditions like complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), reflex sympathetic disorder (RSD), neuropathy and for those still in pain due to failed spinal surgeries. These conditions combined affect over one million Americans every year. Some say the winter’s cold weather makes your joints and bones stiff and achy, that is why the winter season is becoming a popular time for pain procedures.

These conditions are known to cause many kinds of persistent pain effects such as intractable headaches, chest pain and cardiac pain, all of which most doctors, surgeons and even cardiologists do not have the expertise to effectively cure. Dr. Vengurlekar however, thanks to the breakthrough science behind the spinal cord stimulators, is restoring those suffering from these conditions back to normal, pain-free functioning.

Spinal cord stimulators in their permanent form are implanted underneath the skin of the patient and work by transmitting electrical signals directly into the body’s nervous system. However, subcutaneous installation is the last step of the procedure. Before its insertion is finalized, those qualified for spinal cord stimulators must undergo a four to five day “trial period.” During this time, spinal cord stimulators are turned on and calibrated to the patient’s body but not installed beneath the skin. This trial period is to make sure that the spinal cord stimulator is working effectively and is properly suited to negate the persisting pain in the patient. After the trial period has elapsed, implantation of the spinal cord stimulator device beneath the skin is carried out by Dr. Vengurlekar, the top pain management doctor in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Though the spinal cord stimulator is considered a permanent solution, the devices themselves can be discontinued at any time and the implants easily turned off and removed.

Outside his exceptional aptitude in performing his spinal cord stimulator procedures, Dr. Vengurlekar is also an extremely accomplished physician in the medical community. Beginning medical school at only 16 years of age, Dr. Vengurlekar is an alumnus of the hallowed St. John’s Medical College and is a board-certified surgeon who has training in thoracic and cardiovascular surgery. Dr. Vengurlekar has been in the field of persisting pain relief for over 2 decades, making him a top pain management doctor in Scottsdale, Arizona.