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Dr. Vengurlekar – Scottsdale Pain Management Doctor Effectively Treating Chronic Pain

Pain Management Doctor

Chronic Pain Treatment

Scottsdale Pain Management doctor is effectively treating pain in Scottsdale, AZ. Dr. Vengurlekar is well known locally and worldwide for his care of chronic pain sufferers. He performs mildly invasive procedures to treat the effects of many chronic pain conditions. Using the newest technology and fully aware of the negative effects of spinal injuries and chronic pain, Dr. Vengurlekar utilizes techniques such as spinal cord stimulators. These devices are implanted “into the body” to help lessen the effects of chronic pain.

Dr. Vengurlekar implements spinal cord stimulators in such a way that patients have control during every step of the process. Spinal cord stimulators have been shown to treat chronic pain. Because of his dedication to the field of “pain medicine” from early on, he has specifically chosen to work “in this field” to make a difference in the lives of pain sufferers. This is why so many people like Dr. Vengurlekar to treat their conditions to change their quality of life with the treatment options he has to offer.

Scottsdale Pain Management doctor, Dr. Vengurlekar, who specializes in the area of herniated discs for those suffering from disc pain offers Coblation nucleopasty, a recent breakthrough outpatient procedure that utilizes plasma energy to provide pain relief for those suffering from herniated discs. Vertebroplasty is also used to treat chronic pain.  Vertebroplasty is a technique used for compression fractures that occur in the vertebrae. These can exist from many different things but typically are a result of trauma or osteoporosis. This treatment is one of the only ways that patients have felt relief from pain associated with these conditions.

Dr. Vengurlekar is committed to low-risk procedures. The only other way a patient can experience relief in most chronic pain conditions is through risky open surgeries he shares.  In these surgeries, the patient must be fully sedated, which increases the potential for surgical complications. Luckily, as a pain management specialist, he is focused more on treatments that are mildly invasive as well as cost-effective when treating his chronic pain sufferers.

His reputation precedes his Scottsdale pain management practice as he is recognized throughout the world for his training and dedication to chronic pain sufferers.