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Dr. Vengurlekar a Pain Management Specialist in Scottsdale, Arizona Is Providing Innovative Treatments for Chronic Back Pain with Coblation Nucleoplasty

Dr. Vengurlekar, known as Dr. V to patients and colleagues, is a top pain management specialist in Scottsdale, Arizona, and is now receiving recognition for implementing coblation nucleoplasty into his daily procedures. Coblation nucleoplasty is a non-surgical answer to chronic pain that is caused by herniated discs, and is a simple solution that patients have been desperately searching for.

As a top pain management specialist in Scottsdale, Arizona, Dr. Vengurlekar sees patients come into his clinic all the time that are suffering from chronic back pain as the result of a herniated disc. There are so many doctors that don’t treat these conditions, and instead manage the pain. This is why Dr. Vengurlekar decided to start adding coblation nucleoplasty into his daily practice. This is a treatment option that is minimally invasive, has few complications, and offers a better quality of life for people that are suffering with chronic back pain associated with herniated discs.

The Coblation nucleoplasty offered by top pain management specialist Dr. Vengurlekar is benefiting those that are looking for an effective treatment for pain associated from herniated discs. Through this outpatient treatment, mild sedation is used and Dr. Vengurlekar can perform the entire procedure within half an hour. He uses the coblation nucleoplasty to break down the damaged tissue with radiofrequency energy that is much less harmful than surgical blades. This then promotes the healing of the disc, without causing any extra stress to good bones in the spine.

Dr. Vengurlekar can complete the coblation nucleoplasty in a few hours and most patients are back on their feet and at work the very next day. These patients even start to feel relief from their pain as soon as the surgery is over, and can return to a pain-free life the day after. The whole procedure is an effective treatment, whereas other physicians want to prescribe medications to numb the pain, or take their patients under the knife. It is meant for those who are suffering from pain and looking for a viable, cost-effective solution so that they can return to a normal quality of life.

Dr. Vengurlekar is one of top pain management specialists in Scottsdale, Arizona because he is dedicated to finding the best treatment options for all of his patients suffering with chronic pain conditions. This field is a passion of Dr. Vengurlekar’s, which is why he has been practicing in pain management for over the last two decades. People interested in finding a solution for their chronic pain conditions should contact top pain management specialist in Scottsdale, Dr. Vengurlekar, to see what treatment options he can offer.