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AZ Pain MD Dr. Vengurlekar Offers A Tip To Reduce Back Pain at Work

Dr. Vengurlekar sees hundreds of patients every year who suffer from back pain, due to years of sitting improperly at their office desks. Luckily, it is never to late to adjust posture habits, and even the most unfocused individuals can see improved posture, by consciously following a few posture tips.

Starting with the elbows, Dr. Vengurlekar suggests individuals should sit as close to their desk as possible, and adjust the chair so that the elbows are at ninety-degree angles when the hands are comfortably on the keyboard and mouse. From there, ensure that the feet are firmly planted and that the bottom of the individual’s lower back is firmly supported by either the chair’s cushion or a small pillow.

Low back support is critical to minimizing the strain on a back. Slouching places increased strain on the lower back and lumbar discs. Dr. Vengurlekar knows that computer work may make up the majority of an individual’s day at work. However remaining static throughout the entire day, even with good posture, is not healthy for a strong back. To reduce back pain and aches, it is important to remember to stand and stretch for a few minutes every thirty to forty-five minutes. A small walk to and from a water cooler or bathroom is also a great way to stay moving throughout the day. If possible, consider eating lunch while taking a walk outside.