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Scottsdale Pain Management Expert Reveals Alternative to Epidurals due to Side Effects

Scottsdale pain management doctor, Dr. Sham Vengurlekar, reveals that recently, there was a discussion from the FDA about corticosteroids in epidural injections. In a committee vote, there was a 15-7 decision in favor of altering labels on epidural injections because particulate steroids offer a number of risks to those that they are used on. The fact is that corticosteroid injections have been the complicating factor in a number of cases, and in the past have even caused death.

The Scottsdale pain management expert shares that these injections are typically used to treat radicular, neck, and back pain by many doctors, however Dr. Vengurlekar himself has avoided these types of injections for years, recognizing the danger that these types of injections pose to patients. While the FDA has only just recognized the need for stricter warnings on these products because of the threats that they pose, Dr. Vengurlekar and the Premier Pain Institute have been in tune with these threats and offer an advanced alternative technique for treating these types of chronic pain in his patients.

Instead of using risky epidural injections on his clients, the Scottsdale pain management specialist utilizes transformational root sleeve injections. Not only are these types of injections far less risky than epidurals, they also require minimal recovery time. For those who have had long bouts of chronic pain, these injections will offer them a chance to get fast treatment. Done expertly with guided imagery techniques, a transformational root sleeve injection can be performed quickly, and the patient is able to leave that very day and be back to their normal life almost immediately.

Dr. Sham Vengurlekar is a leading Scottsdale pain management doctor who believes that no one should be held back or suffer because of chronic pain. His procedure offers safer and more reliable methods for ending pain and helping patients enjoy their lives.