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Advantages of Treatment from Scottsdale Pain Management Doctor at Premier Pain Institute

There are a number of reasons why an individual may be suffering from a chronic pain condition, and why they may want to seek the help of an expert to help them treat or stop the source of their pain before it takes over their life. The problem that some of these patients face is that most doctors will merely try to mask the pain that they feel with medications that may be addictive and will not actually treat the cause of the pain. Other patients may face their pain conditions by turning to traditional surgeries, but these too have their downfalls and are not right for everyone. For those seeking a different kind of treatment, and who want real solutions for their pain conditions, there are options. One option is to turn to Scottsdale pain management doctor Dr. Vengurlekar and his team at Premier Pain Institute.

There are many advantages of turning to Dr. Vengurlekar and his team. First, the Premier Pain Institute offers innovative pain solutions such as twilight sedations and minimally invasive surgeries that prevent patients from undergoing extreme surgeries and suffering from long recovery times. These services are offered in an on-site surgical site, so that patients can be comfortable and rest assured that they will not have to face the costs of off-site surgeries in addition to their pain. Even more compelling is that patients that trust in Premier Pain Institute will receive a personalized approach, being seen within 48 hours instead of waiting weeks for treatment, and being treated by Dr. Vengurlekar himself.

The sports injury doctor and pain management specialists at Premier Pain Institute can offer specialized options for their patients, and the team gives several advantages over other practices. Those who are suffering can rest assured that with Dr. Vengurlekar and the Premier Pain Institute they will receive treatment that aims to stop their pain and treat their overall condition so that they can get back to living the life that they love. Contact the Premier Pain Institute now to start planning a visit and receive a consultation.