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A relatively common injury, whiplash can occur with anything from contact sports to car accidents. In simple terms, whiplash is a neck injury that occurs when the head moves suddenly backward and then forward i.e., caused by sudden acceleration and deceleration.

Whiplash injuries do not generally resolve themselves in days to weeks, and severe instances can result in the need for longer-term treatment. If the impact is sufficiently strong, an individual may experience severe neck pain, headache and pain that spreads into the arms. Factors that impact severity can include, previous incidents of whiplash and existing back or neck pain.

When medications and physical therapy do not alleviate pain, Premier Pain Institute can help. Targeted nerve or facet joint injections can help relieve muscle spasms, which – in turn — reduces pain, and allows for relaxation and healing. Whiplash is not a fictitious injury in personal injury commercials. The pain is real; and, Premier Pain Institute is here to help.