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Amniotic Allograft Injections DiagramThis new procedure offered by Premier Pain Institute is taking the sports and injury world by storm. When injuries occur, the most common approach is surgery. The latest in the state of the art procedures is Amniotic Allograft Injections. Premier Pain Institute is at the forefront, offering this amazing procedure that can make your injury or condition repair itself augmenting your body’s own repair mechanisms. As we age our body’s natural self-healing capability diminishes. Gone, are the days of drastic invasive surgery leaving patients with much down time. This new process, Amniotic Allograft Injections, utilizes nutrient rich fluid obtained from a laboratory that harvests this fluid from donor mothers during C- SECTIONS.

In the past, a patient would arrive then undergo a pre-procedure, and the doctor and his team would extract the stem cells from the patient, usually from the back of the hip, A time-consuming procedure, which would be very painful, because of the need to drill into your bone to obtain aging cells. Essentially a mini-biopsy is conducted, under fluoroscopic guidance as an Xray or MRI to remove the stem cells out from the back of the hip. This technique is just not as efficient as the newer methods.

The amniotic fluid obtained from a placenta and amnion is pure, which means, that it has not chosen a path or as the science world would say “it has not differentiated” and therefore it will be open to healing your injury and be that much more effective. The Amniotic tissue derives from the placenta and amniotic fluid and as we all know plays a large part in the growth of the unborn fetus.

Once again, no fetus is harmed in collection of this amniotic fluid and cells and are not the by-products of abortions.

Amniotic Allograft Injections, Stem Cell Cultivation by Premier Pain InstitutePremier Pain Institute receives the cryopreserved fluid, which can then be used via a targeted injection to heal the wound, injured area or tissue, like the joint, arthritis, rotator cuff tears, tendinitis, bursitis caused by accidents, sports injuries, surgical incisions, everyday work or activities, and the patient can start to enjoy the healing properties contained in the fluid.

This is the cutting edge development and growth towards one’s well-being. It has also been found to reduce scar tissue and drastically reduce inflammation. It truly is incredible that when introduced into target areas precisely, how it will help regenerate tissue. For example, if a tendon was damaged, these injections can assist in regrowth, and in the case of damaged tendons, healing and regeneration can also occur!

Get your life back, and start to live again. Life is short, so stop the pain now and live your life to the fullest. Visit Premier Pain Institute to see if you are a candidate for Amniotic Allograft Injections. Avoid unnecessary surgeries that may offer no further remedies and may actually result in more debilitating life after surgery.

Coblation Nucleoplasty For Back and Neck Pain as A New Minimally Invasive Procedure Instead of Surgery 

Contained Disc Herniation is a common spinal injury that can produce significant, even debilitating pain. Plasma Disc Decompression or PDD is a minimally invasive procedure design to treat symptomatic patients with contained disc herniations. PDD offers a minimally invasive alternative to more invasive surgery. Patients may remain awake during the procedure as general anesthesia is not necessary.

Recovery from this procedure is typically short since Disc Decompression can be performed without general anesthesia so patients can often go home on the same day.

During the procedure, a tiny cannula is used to access the disc. A spine wand is then gently introduced through the cannula and into the disc. The want utilizes collation technology wich creates a precise low-temperature plasma field that gently dissolves targeted disc material while preserving adjacent healthy tissue. PDD allows for controlled tissue removal.  Once the appropriate amount of tissue has been removed the wand is withdrawn, and the procedure is over.

The removal of nuclear tissue decreased the pressure on the outer annulus of the disc. This helps reduce or eliminate the irritation of the adjacent nerve route.

PDD with Coblation Technology has over twelve years of clinical use with more than 200,000 patients treated. For patients experiencing pain for contained disc herniations, plasma-disc decompression is a less invasive alternative to major surgery.

The Kyphoplasty is a more advanced technique of performing a vertebroplasty wherein an inflatable balloon is inserted into the fracture in the vertebrae, which is then inflated so that a space is created within the fractured vertebrae. This space is then filled with medical-grade cement that is injected in order to bolster and strengthen that fractured vertebral body. The majority of patients experience immediate pain relief from the excruciating pain that comes with vertebral fractures upon completion of the procedure.

This is a new treatment modality for long-term relief of pain caused by the Sacro-Iliac joint (SI joint). Probes are inserted at certain areas of the sacrum to ablate the nerve fibers supplying the Sacro-Iliac joint.

This new procedure is useful for young patients with early disc troubles causing back pain. In this procedure, a tiny coiled wire is inserted into the disc under the guidance of an x-ray camera. It is then and heated to a certain temperature to harden and firm up the disc and to seal any tears in the outer disc tissue, ultimately resulting in relief of spinal pain.

In this procedure, spinal probes are inserted into the nerve cells of certain nerves and tiny amounts of heat are applied very precisely. Once again, this procedure is performed under C-arm fluoroscopy and needs precise knowledge, skill and technical expertise in order to ensure safety, with resulting success. This relieves back pain caused by certain conditions of the spinal joints. The relief of back pain is expected to last several months to several years.

Small quantities of a local anesthetic and a local anti-inflammatory agent are injected into the tiny joints which are formed in the spinal area for relief of back pain.

New effective technology for the cancer sufferer from metastases or cancer spread to the spine. Dr. Vengurlekar introduces the wand into the targeted Cancer Tumour tissue in the spine under Fluoroscopy and after creation of a controlled cavity or space, and then introduces medical grade cement is introduced into the same to provide stability and strength to the weakened bone of the spine.

This method of treatment is used for metastases to the spine from cancer of the breast, lung, prostate, colon, etc. Patients have almost instant relief from pain and are able to be back on their feet with in a couple of days in most cases.

This is a very useful diagnostic procedure in which a particular disc can be identified as the cause of neck pain, and low back pain. Most MRIs do not actually tell you or identify which disc is painful, but the discography procedure does. Pressure studies can also be performed at this time, and from the appearance of the disc, and patient response, the appropriate therapy can be determined.

These procedures are designed to target the area directly with guided imagery along with your MRI. At Premier Pain we can get right to the root of the problem and you get more of  targeted approach. This is totally Non Invasive and you can have this while under twilight sedation.

We make a commitment to our patients to provide the latest technology so you can enjoy a pain free lifestyle