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Sherry's Story

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    Premier Pain Institute, years ago when I ruptured a disc in my neck, if it were not for them, I would probably still be in terrible pain.

    I ruptured disc in my lower back and again, they were able to help me. I would recommend them to anyone, and I have.

    No one doctor will ever touch or treat me for any other pain. Premier Pain Institute actually care about their patients and don’t want to see them in pain.

    Questions for Sherry
    1. How has your daily life improved from the treatment you received from Dr. Vengurlekar?
    I can move freely now and not have to worry about pain.
    2. Would you recommend Premier Pain Institute to a friend or relative? Why?
    I already have because Dr. Vengurlekar cares!
    3. What do you consider to be the most valuable aspect of your experience with us?
    Being able to move and stay on my feet.
    4. If you’ve had experience with other Pain Management healthcare providers, what sets us apart from them?
    I have never been anywhere else and would never consider going anywhere else.