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Inspan Video

This video shows how the Inspan spinal fusion device is implanted without damage to the spinal ligament and does not require fixation with screws

Inspan Features and Benefits

This video displays the features and benefits of the Inspan device which makes it a superior choice when considering spinal fusion

Inspan Training Lab

Surgeons receive extensive training and guidance before using the Inspan device

Inspan Patient Testimonial

This 81-year-old patient suffered from severe back pain and was treated with the Inspan device in an outpatient procedure under local anesthesia. He is now eager to get back to an active lifestyle.

“Thirty minutes after they worked on my back the pain was all gone”

Sacrix Features and Benefits

The Sacrix is an innovative device used for sacroiliac joint fusion. This video describes how its design makes it the ideal choice.