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Pain Conditions

We offer the latest in Minimally Invasive Procedures that will help patients heal quickly. Sports injuries are not only ailments that affect professional athletes. Each patient requires a specific diagnosis and treatment plan; schedule your evaluation today so we can get you back on the right path!

Neck pain has a lot of causes just like in joint pain. Pain in the neck can also cause symptoms such as a headache, shoulder pain, problems in rotating or bending the head and increasing pain. Such pain can be due to neck injuries, or trauma. However, there are also some illnesses which can be caused by a little stiff neck.

Low back pain, the most common complaint among in the population in the United states, results in the loss of most man-hours, making it an inevitable reason to visit the emergency rooms and the doctor’s offices. It also contributes to the loss of billions of dollars in productivity and being a case of excruciating pain and concern, the health care industry profits from the cost of treatments.

Millions of people received treatment and rehabilitation in the US for painkiller abuse or addiction in the past year. Many of the chronic pain patients out there may be severely undertreated as a result of many doctors who are trying to gain some control over painkiller addiction. Opioids used in the way that the doctors have prescribed are not dangerous according to some well-established medical groups, but if that is true then why are so many people addicted to them? And why are so many people dying of overdoses at an epidemic rate?

Chronic foot pain is considered one of the most common foot problems among older people most particularly among women. This particular foot problem is usually due to the high level of stress on foot that is caused by different physical activities that include running, walking, jogging, and even just standing. Very often from wearing high heels for extended periods of time.

Arm pain can be terribly irritating and interfere with motion and concentration. It can be caused by arm strain due to lifting heavy loads, it can be the result of joint stress or a rotator cuff injury, and it can be something as simple as sleeping in a position that causes you to strain or pinch your arm at night.

The truth is that many things can influence the health of our legs. Unfortunately, one of the most common factors is simply getting older. As we age all of us lose muscle mass as a natural part of the aging process. Since our body depends on upon its muscles, not just for lifting things but also to aid in circulation, that loss of muscle mass can result in a variety of problems, especially for our legs and feet.

Joint pain is an ailment that plagues people from all walks of life. Some sufferers have very intense, constant throbbing pain while others have pain that’s barely noticeable. As with all joint problems, there are many possible causes.