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Lumbar Disc Rejuvenation

Herniated discs result when the outer rim of the disc (annulus) is compromised, and the inner part of the disc (nucleus pulposus) herniates or “pops out”. This then compresses a spinal nerve, which can result in severe leg pain, weakness, numbness and tingling.

For many years, the prevailing treatment recommendation for herniated and/or deteriorated discs was spinal fusion. Unfortunately, the failure rate of spinal fusion can be as high as 65- 70%   However, thanks to revolutionary cell-based therapies, patients can now use their own cells to improve blood flow, decrease inflammation and spur new tissue growth.

Referred to as “stem cell injections,” specialized cellular components can be accessed by micro fragmentation of adipose tissue and injected into affected joints. Once injected, these cellular components interact with a patient’s body to orchestrate healing. Premier Pain Institute is pleased to administer treatments that inspire healing responses, reduce inflammation, facilitate repair and replace damaged tissue.