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Alternatives to Epidural Side Effects Revealed by Scottsdale Pain Management Expert

Scottsdale pain management doctor, Dr. Sham Vengurlekar reveals that recently, there was a discussion from the FDA about corticosteroids in epidural injections. In a committee vote, there was a 15-7 decision in favor of altering labels on epidural injections because particulate steroids offer a number of risks to those that they are used on. The fact is that corticosteroid injections have […]

Scottsdale Pain Management Specialist Discusses How People Can Help Family Members with Chronic Pain

Scottsdale Pain Management Specialist Dr. Sham Vengurlekar knows that dealing with a family member who suffers from chronic pain can be challenging. Oftentimes, caretakers feel like they are helpless to assist their loved ones in having a better quality of life. In order to help these individuals, Dr. V is sharing these top tips. 1. Help them to eat well. […]

Top Scottsdale Pain Management Specialist Dr. V Provides Effective Treatments for Pain

Suffers of chronic pain around the world should most certainly learn about the techniques and treatments done by Top Scottsdale Pain Management Specialist Dr.Sham Vengurlekar. Taking advantage of the latest technology, coupled with the knowledge of the debilitating effects of chronic pain and spinal issues, Dr. V utilizes mildly invasive procedures to get to the source of conditions suffered by […]

Scottsdale Pain Management Specialist Dr. V Features the Benefits of a Standing Desk

Scottsdale Pain Management Specialist Dr. Vengurlekar recognizes that millions of people on a daily basis do a great deal of sitting. This includes the commute to work, sitting at a desk for hours, heading home, and spending additional time sitting. While it might be a necessity for everyday life, long periods of time spent seated have caused millions of people […]

Top Scottsdale Pain Management Expert Dr. V Discusses Back Pain and Treatment

Top Scottsdale Pain Management Expert Dr. Vengurlekar recognizes the serious long-term issues associated with back pain. It can leave individuals incapable of working and managing everyday tasks, not to mention the pain and suffering that often comes from back issues. For the populations of older people, many did not have the advantage of more developed medical research at younger ages […]

Scottsdale Minimally Invasive Spine Procedures: Transformational Selective Root Sleeve Injections

Scottsdale Minimally Invasive Spine Procedures by Dr. S. Vengurlekar and the Premier Pain Institute provide individualized care to each patient based on their unique diagnosis. Dr. V. and the staff there believe that each patient should be treated as an individual and with the upmost care and consideration. Just one of the many pain treatments that the Premier Pain Institute […]

Dr. Vengurlekar –Scottsdale Pain Management Doctor Effectively Treating Chronic Pain

Scottsdale Pain Management doctor is effectively treating pain in Scottsdale, AZ.  Dr. Vengurlekar is well known locally and worldwide for his care of chronic pain sufferers.  He performs mildly invasive procedures to treat the effects of many chronic pain conditions.  Using the newest technology and fully aware of the negative effects of spinal injuries and chronic pain.  Dr. Vengurlekar utilizes […]